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Department Tasks

In order to handle the immense volume of duties at HTU, the chair has established a number of departments, also part of the students’ union. The departments specialize in different fields of duty and help to reduce the workload of the chair. All departments work for the chair and are bound by their instructions. You can find more detailed information about all the departments here.













The HTU Graz is divided in to the following departments:


Department for Social Affairs

The department of social affairs helps students with social problems and provides counseling with focus on social laws.

Divisions of the department:

  • Grants and financial support
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Students with young children
  • Students with disabilities or chronic health conditions
    • Contact:
      Karin Krottmayer, MA
      Melanie Mandl, B.A.



Department for Educational Policy

The department for educational policies is responsible for assessing draft laws concerning university-related topics as well as providing legal counseling to degree-specific student representatives (e.g. for the development of curricula).

Divisions of the department:

  • Austrian and international educational policies
  • Educational policies concerning the university and developing curricula.




Department for Guidance Counseling for Students

The department for guidance counseling for students informs current and future students of study-related topics and tries to resolve problems arising from exams and lecturers. In addition, the department organizes special counseling events for enrolling students and high school graduates.

Divisions of the department:

    • Counseling for freshmen
    • Contact to high schools
    • Civilian and military service
    • Individual degree programs



      Department for Public Relation Affairs

      The department of public relation affairs is mainly in charge of publishing our in-house magazine ‘TU-Info’.

      Divisions of the department:

      • Public relations
      • Print media
      • Electronic media
      • Record keeping



      Department for Foreign Students

      The department of foreign students was established in May 2016 and arose from the department of social affairs. The department supports degree-seeking foreign students that are not part of any exchange programs.


      Department for Economic Matters

      The department for economic affairs audits the expediency, profitability and thrift of investments and maintains the HTUs finances (tuition fees, etc.).

      Divisions of the department:

      • Budgeting current transaction and and financial accounting
      • Accounting and inventory
      • Cooperation



      Department for International Affairs

      The Department for International Affairs is in charge of guiding and supporting students that are part of an exchange program. Each exchange student is assigned an Austrian student as a mentor. The mentors will try to solve any problems the exchange student may encounter during their stay.

      Divisions of the department:

      • Foreign change Students
      • International contacts



      Department for Organization, Events and Culture

      The department arose from the department for internal organization and the department for event management in May 2016. The department specializes in anything that has to do with organizing events or parties.

      Divisions of the department:

      • Event management
      • Sports
      • Culture
      • Educational training
      • Motivation ans networking
      • Development
      • Infrastructure


      Department for Women's Policy

      We support women in engineering.

      Divisions of the department:

      • Equal treatment and emancipation
      • Feminist Events
      • Cooperation with organizations for advanced of women's policies


      Department for Queer Students

      Counselling, Organisation, Support.




      Department for Social Policies

      The department for social policies is the successor of the department for gentle, adjusted, peaceful engineering (GAPE). This was not done to neglect the field of ecological sustainability, but to be able to tackle this topic and a wide range of other fields of interest in a much larger department structure.

      Divisions of the department:

      • Gentle, adjusted, peaceful engineering
      • Data privacy
      • The university as a biospere
      • Human rights
      • Health and sustainability


      Department for IT Services

      The department for IT services is responsible for the maintenance of the computers used by students representatives.

      Divisions of the department:

      • Server and network support
      • Workstations and software licenses
      • User administration and E-mail distribution

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